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Nothing in the universe exists in isolation. Throughout the vast continuum of time and space, everything is interconnected. Like the fibers in a cloth. Take one out and all will fall apart.

Trust me, I'm a weaver.
And as a weaver I understand that in an interconnected world you cannot review the feminine apart from the masculine.
Our ancestors knew that and they embodied their knowledge in symbols. 
In my work I have used the Kanatitsa: a symbol of the feminine and masculine in unity. The symbol resembles an hourglass and I believe that is no coincidence. The hourglass represents the ever turning roles of the man and the woman in time and the point of intersection between them.
Take a look at history and you will see the deep truth locked within this symbol: women were not allowed to vote. Now they are being elected. Women were supposed to stay home. Now they can build homes. As the hourglass is turning, the poles are blending.

There used to be specific roles assigned to women and men. Now these roles overlap and complete eachother more and more. Because as the social role of women changes, so does the social role of men. They are now allowed to cry, show weakness and fully live the happyness of parenting their children in a different, much more devoted and tender way. A way that used to be reserved for women. 
With my work I want to express my deepest belief that everything is truly just fine. We, as a society, are walking the right way, becoming more and more awake and more and more aware: no matter what our gender is, each of us, as an individual also contains the great principles of the masculine and the feminine ever in motion. Ever in balance. And only at the point where the feminine and masculine meet, creation is possible.

No matter how scary things look sometimes, no matter how much populism wants us to feel afraid, there is no reversing of the natural ascendance of consciousness. We have known the truth before. And we will know it again.

Because our world is the work of the greatest weaver:



 Thank you to Elitsa Mavrodinova for the brilliant text.