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Nothing in the universe exists in isolation. Throughout the vast continuum of time and space, everything is interconnected. Like the fibers in a cloth. Take one out and all will fall apart.

Trust me, I'm a weaver.
And as a weaver I understand that in an interconnected world you cannot review the feminine apart from the masculine.
Our ancestors knew that and they embodied their knowledge in symbols. 
In my work I have used the Kanatitsa: a symbol of the feminine and masculine in unity. The symbol resembles an hourglass and I believe that is no coincidence. The hourglass represents the ever turning roles of the man and the woman in time and the point of intersection between them.
Take a look at history and you will see the deep truth locked within this symbol: women were not allowed to vote. Now they are being elected. Women were supposed to stay home. Now they can build homes. As the hourglass is turning, the poles are blending.

There used to be specific roles assigned to women and men. Now these roles overlap and complete eachother more and more. Because as the social role of women changes, so does the social role of men. They are now allowed to cry, show weakness and fully live the happyness of parenting their children in a different, much more devoted and tender way. A way that used to be reserved for women. 
With my work I want to express my deepest belief that everything is truly just fine. We, as a society, are walking the right way, becoming more and more awake and more and more aware: no matter what our gender is, each of us, as an individual also contains the great principles of the masculine and the feminine ever in motion. Ever in balance. And only at the point where the feminine and masculine meet, creation is possible.

No matter how scary things look sometimes, no matter how much populism wants us to feel afraid, there is no reversing of the natural ascendance of consciousness. We have known the truth before. And we will know it again.

Because our world is the work of the greatest weaver:



 Thank you to Elitsa Mavrodinova for the brilliant text.




The world is a complicated thing. We live in it as individuals, yet our collision with others form firm structures called societies - the bricks of the humanity. We were thinking of different ways to portrait togetherness in its whole beauty and came up with a project called “Star of Harmony”. The star is composed of 20 triangular metal pyramids mounted together to form a stellated star-shaped construction called Icosahedron - one of the most mysterious and harmonious shapes, that lies at the very basis of ancient geometry. The “Star of Harmony” is a bridge between the ancient past and the present. It is a gate in space and time through which shines the very truth that we are all fibers, rays, weaved together in the harmonious and everlasting light of the Universe.


All the spikes of the construction are covered with colorful hand-weaved cloth. The laces used in the weaving are symbol of different cultures, religions, characters, sexualities, believes. The tangle that they form portraits and celebrates the beautiful mixture called common life. It is known that we perform way, way better when we exist and interact together. Our mission as people should be to preserve the colors of the various personalities, but survive and flourish as one.


The whole preparation process from the creative idea, through the samples and the actual hand weaving happened in the span of 2 months. The actual assembly of the 4 meter tall construction took 2 days and 5 people that hand sewed over 100 m of fabric to the metal skeleton. The installation became a colorful instagramable spot and all the passers-by added their own personality layer in the thousands of pictures that were taken next to the Star of Harmony.


Commissioned by THE STARS GROUP for KAPANA FEST.



CAPANAFEST 2019 / Plovdiv, Bulgaria

We are very excited about our new project that will be part of Capana Fest in Plovdiv - the cultural capital of Europe, 2019, which starts on 31st, June. The iron-textile installation is something that we had never done before and to be honest we are a bit scared how it will turn out. Nevertheless, we will give our best to deliver on our vision and commitment.

Stay tuned.





CC / ODW / Plovdiv, Bulgaria

One Design Week is the most prominent cultural event in the local contemporary art scene. Throughout the years, the festival had managed to transform and shape the artistic environment of the whole region. PYM’s project  - the dynamic installation “Colorful Circles”, along with few others, was chosen among 57 entries submitted to the Open Call – Can I help you? The installation was exhibited in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on July 10th, 2016 and was dismounted 10 days later.


“The Buttons” are a popular spot at the main pedestrian street in Plovdiv.
It consists of 112 plastic circle seats that people love to sit on.


Our project transformed them into “Colorful Circles” by wrapping the seats with beautiful hand crocheted yarn. Our aim was to provoke the viewers’perceptions and examine how that change affects them. We also observed how reactive they were regarding this transformation. The different design wraps were attached to the seats only by ribbing and could be easily taken off by people. Each day during the festival we monitored the remains of this dynamic installation.


Each of the 112 wrappings had different designs and color combinations. Total yarn length used for the project: 36 250 m. At the end of the festival, 10 days after the exhibit, 45 of the wraps were gone. Here is the dynamic:


Reactions were far more to the positive side of the spectrum. People expressed their sincere admiration to the colorful transformation and stated that this change made them feel better. There were only few who said that they like the things as they were before and didn’t appreciate the change. Literally thousand of photos were taken and shared on-line.


Who reacted the most?

The most reactive were kids, students, old people and foreigners. Seems like the mid aged working people were most disconected to the transformation.





"Colorful Circles" was actually a project that my wife had had in her head for quite some time. Her initial idea was noting more than to put color to the city environment, to provoke positive emotions. Simple as that. Turns out that years later when we were looking for a physical presentation of our next PYM project – boom, that was it. With our third art installation, presented at One Design Week festival, we wanted people to experience change, to slow down and to think about how change in general can impact their own life. And what a better way than to transform a well known place in the city, where everybody stops and slows down anyway.

Why we believe change and slowing down is important?

Our brain is programed to take the easy path, the known path, the logical path and some times the route you need to take is completely the opposite. In a world where everybody screams “Follow your heart, trust your intuition, be yourself, do it now, tomorrow will be late” it is essential to take a step back, to look at the big picture and ask yourself few questions. Consider it as a fast checklist that can save you troubles in the future. Don’t worry it won’t take years, it won’t paralyze your actions or force you to miss important opportunities. It will simply give you the option of the different perspective and allure you towards the right direction.

Change - there are almost no downsides to it. Embrace it with open arms and squeeze out the best from every situation. Every single thing that happens in your life can be a valuable lesson if you look from a certain perspective. You can learn so much even from washing dishes, picking up trash or slicing onions. Store this knowledge, guard it carefully and one day it will pop-up just when you need it. Change can only enrich you so get out of your comfort zone and we promise to pick up the fruits of it in the near future.


Inspired by: Freakonomics, Planet Money



What to do

As you know we are in a process of preparing a case study for our ODW project – “Colorful circles”. We have tons of interesting stories and findings to share with you. This will come in the near weeks.

In the meantime, if you are one of those 45 people who for some reason didn’t manage to resist the tempting beauty of the wraps and took them home, here are 3 proposals how to extend their life
a supa-dupa pillow, a hip purse, contemporary wall deco

Transformation is a process that never stops.


contemporary wall deco, a hip purse, a supa-dupa pillow