The world is a complicated thing. We live in it as individuals, yet our collision with others form firm structures called societies - the bricks of the humanity. We were thinking of different ways to portrait togetherness in its whole beauty and came up with a project called “Star of Harmony”. The star is composed of 20 triangular metal pyramids mounted together to form a stellated star-shaped construction called Icosahedron - one of the most mysterious and harmonious shapes, that lies at the very basis of ancient geometry. The “Star of Harmony” is a bridge between the ancient past and the present. It is a gate in space and time through which shines the very truth that we are all fibers, rays, weaved together in the harmonious and everlasting light of the Universe.


All the spikes of the construction are covered with colorful hand-weaved cloth. The laces used in the weaving are symbol of different cultures, religions, characters, sexualities, believes. The tangle that they form portraits and celebrates the beautiful mixture called common life. It is known that we perform way, way better when we exist and interact together. Our mission as people should be to preserve the colors of the various personalities, but survive and flourish as one.


The whole preparation process from the creative idea, through the samples and the actual hand weaving happened in the span of 2 months. The actual assembly of the 4 meter tall construction took 2 days and 5 people that hand sewed over 100 m of fabric to the metal skeleton. The installation became a colorful instagramable spot and all the passers-by added their own personality layer in the thousands of pictures that were taken next to the Star of Harmony.


Commissioned by THE STARS GROUP for KAPANA FEST.