One Design Week is the most prominent cultural event in the local contemporary art scene. Throughout the years, the festival had managed to transform and shape the artistic environment of the whole region. PYM’s project  - the dynamic installation “Colorful Circles”, along with few others, was chosen among 57 entries submitted to the Open Call – Can I help you? The installation was exhibited in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on July 10th, 2016 and was dismounted 10 days later.


“The Buttons” are a popular spot at the main pedestrian street in Plovdiv.
It consists of 112 plastic circle seats that people love to sit on.


Our project transformed them into “Colorful Circles” by wrapping the seats with beautiful hand crocheted yarn. Our aim was to provoke the viewers’perceptions and examine how that change affects them. We also observed how reactive they were regarding this transformation. The different design wraps were attached to the seats only by ribbing and could be easily taken off by people. Each day during the festival we monitored the remains of this dynamic installation.


Each of the 112 wrappings had different designs and color combinations. Total yarn length used for the project: 36 250 m. At the end of the festival, 10 days after the exhibit, 45 of the wraps were gone. Here is the dynamic:


Reactions were far more to the positive side of the spectrum. People expressed their sincere admiration to the colorful transformation and stated that this change made them feel better. There were only few who said that they like the things as they were before and didn’t appreciate the change. Literally thousand of photos were taken and shared on-line.


Who reacted the most?

The most reactive were kids, students, old people and foreigners. Seems like the mid aged working people were most disconected to the transformation.