"Colorful Circles" was actually a project that my wife had had in her head for quite some time. Her initial idea was noting more than to put color to the city environment, to provoke positive emotions. Simple as that. Turns out that years later when we were looking for a physical presentation of our next PYM project – boom, that was it. With our third art installation, presented at One Design Week festival, we wanted people to experience change, to slow down and to think about how change in general can impact their own life. And what a better way than to transform a well known place in the city, where everybody stops and slows down anyway.

Why we believe change and slowing down is important?

Our brain is programed to take the easy path, the known path, the logical path and some times the route you need to take is completely the opposite. In a world where everybody screams “Follow your heart, trust your intuition, be yourself, do it now, tomorrow will be late” it is essential to take a step back, to look at the big picture and ask yourself few questions. Consider it as a fast checklist that can save you troubles in the future. Don’t worry it won’t take years, it won’t paralyze your actions or force you to miss important opportunities. It will simply give you the option of the different perspective and allure you towards the right direction.

Change - there are almost no downsides to it. Embrace it with open arms and squeeze out the best from every situation. Every single thing that happens in your life can be a valuable lesson if you look from a certain perspective. You can learn so much even from washing dishes, picking up trash or slicing onions. Store this knowledge, guard it carefully and one day it will pop-up just when you need it. Change can only enrich you so get out of your comfort zone and we promise to pick up the fruits of it in the near future.


Inspired by: Freakonomics, Planet Money