You are probably often thinking how to improve your life and what are the steps you need to take in order to live better. Turns out the answer is quite simple - just constantly do the thing that you were thought to do when you were around 7 - to read. Whatever you need to know about how this world functions, be sure that tons of books filled with wisdom are out there just waiting to be reached. Chances that somebody has already stumbled upon a problem that you are trying to resolve now are very high. So why not learn from experience?

Here are few tips to hook you up into reading, that has worked for us: Don't finish a book if you are not really into it. Don't start a book if you are intimidated by its length. Start with titles that are appealing to you and create the habit of reading every day. Every day for 30 minutes. If after one year you have 20 books on your belt ,your mind will be re-programmed.

So how to find another 30 minutes in your already cluttered life? The good thing is that you don't have to find them. Just substitute the time you probably spend on watching TV with reading. You can also take a book in your office and spend some time with the author during your lunch break. It is not that hard.

And finally if you wonder how to allure yourself to start reading again, just grab a book and open the first page. Each journey starts with a simple, small step.

Our way to help you in this journey is to remind you about the existence of books and how their soft beauty can bring beauty in your life.