We are stunned how few questions people ask themselves and how little time they spend on internal scrutiny. We believe that there is unexpected, unexplored beauty in the profound thinking, in the deep mind digging that one should experience. It will give you richer perspective and help make better choices, especially when your beloved and trusted gut feeling loose ground.

When you drive on your way to work, walk to your favorite grocery store or simply ask your colleagues the customary “how are you today?” you perform a set of routines that construct big part of your everyday life. With the help of time and repetition they are transformed into automatic procedures and perceptions, called habits. Because of them you perceive the surrounding scenery as granted and perform number of actions on autopilot mode, rarely paying attention to them. So we take the habitual out of its uniformity, transform it and force you to challenge your typical emotions, perceptions and understandings. This fires-up and involves different parts of the brain and actually pushes you towards thorough thinking.

Designing different provocative projects is our way of breaking habits and pushing towards more thoughtfulness. For a start we won't create something completely new, we will re-work something that already exists through a technique called yarnbombing.

*Inspired by Simon SinekTim Ferriss, Alain de Botton